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The Strategic Communications segment of Devanalyst Consulting is one of the world’s most highly regarded communications consultancies with a 30-year track record of designing and executing communications strategies for clients managing financial, regulatory and reputational challenges. The Strategic Communications segment serves as trusted advisors to management teams and Boards of Directors seeking to seize opportunities, manage crises, navigate market disruptions, articulate their brand, stake a competitive position, and preserve their permission to operate. Services of the Strategic Communications segment include financial communications, corporate reputation and public affairs, with specialty offerings that include M&A communications, crisis communications, issues management, litigation communications, corporate governance, shareholder activism, proxy advisory, restructuring communications, employee engagement, change communications, strategy consulting, research, as well as digital and creative communications.

Procurement, Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Devanalyst combines strategic procurement consulting services, cutting-edge technology, and managed services to help clients achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives. Our comprehensive range of procurement consulting capabilities includes:

  • Procurement Transformation
  • Procurement’s role is evolving rapidly; the tactical team focused on cost reduction has been recast as a strategic entity driving enterprise-wide value. Enterprises worldwide are asking their procurement teams to play a larger and more strategic part in overall corporate growth and deliver sustainable business results.
  • As with any transformation program, the real challenge is in the implementation. Organizations often follow the path of building detailed transformation road maps and implementation plans, many times using outside expertise, but fail to realize the benefits in the real world.
  • Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

An advanced analysis of historic spend data is the backbone of any strategic sourcing solution. Apart from spend analysis, Devanalyst conducts a thorough review of existing sourcing processes to present an ”as is to ideal” road map. This is made possible through relevant inputs from all the business stakeholders.
Procurement teams, higher management and suppliers are actively engaged to draw a detailed long-term savings road map. This is generally followed by identification of categories, with a potential savings and supply market analysis


In today’s highly volatile global business and economic environment, enterprises worldwide are facing increased challenges, both externally and internally, to sustain profitable growth.
Under rapidly changing market conditions, the ability to reduce operating costs and allocate budgets correctly is paramount for organizations to survive and grow.
Devanalys's strategic cost management services enable leadership teams to reduce expenses in categories that yield little impact, and optimize spend in areas that drive sustainable growth. Our strategic cost management programs can help identify and eliminate up to 35 percent of SG&A (Selling, General and Administrative) expenses within a year, freeing up cash that can be invested to drive growth and enhance shareholder ROI.

Civil Engineering and Architectural

Devanalyst is full Civil engineering firm It provides arrange civil engineering services from full-site design, electrical and infrastructure development.
We offer the full range of Civil Engineering Services needed to successfully complete your projects. We are locally owned and we provide the close, personal attention you expect from a professional, well-run organization that cares about your success. Making you successful makes us successful. Because we operate with little overhead and close attention to our product, we can deliver a quality product at a lower cost. We do not burden our fees with costs, expenditures and overhead normally incurred by large non-local consulting firms

Financial and Audit Management

Devanalyst Consulting Inc has over 20 years experience in financial and audit management. It is committed and passionate in providing professional, timely, comprehensive accounting, audit, taxation and advisory services to our clients, using a balance of innovation and practicality. The Firm staffs its engagements with people who reflect the values, ethics and dedication of our profession and our Firm, thereby ensuring the best possible service to every client, on every assignment


Procurement undoubtedly plays a critical role in making a merger or acquisition attractive and successful. After all, nearly 50 percent of the synergy benefits in M&A deals often come from integrating suppliers and purchasing processes.
However, achieving these goals is easier said than done. Integrating disparate and global supply sources, contractual relationships, e-procurement systems, procurement teams and company cultures are some of the many intricacies involved in realizing the synergy benefits. Along with tight deadlines and lofty expectations from shareholders, CPOs are faced with all these challenges at once, during an M&A deal.