Strategic Communications & inovative management for an unpredictable world

Strategic Communication

Comprehensive communication Strategies

The Development Analyst has 20 years in strategy, planning, research and evaluation. Utilizing a participatory and research-based approach, JFM provides a range of services including:

  • Strategy and program development
  • Organizational effectiveness assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Evaluation
  • Community assessment & planning
  • Community/environmental scans
  • Policy and systems scans
  • Capacity building and technical support
  • Applied research

Communication Framework

A key step in preparing to communicate is to ensure that there are aptly articulated internal procedures on how to communicate. This proposes a communications protocol, specifying the specific steps to be taken in all communications contingencies. The communications protocol will:

  • Ensure consistency in messages with internal & external audiences
  • Ensure appropriate handling of all communications contingencies
  • Provide an efficient framework for all communications processes

Communication Guide

Strategic challenges Communication is evolving from a tactical art to a business science. Organizations that understand reputation as a strategic asset are empowering communication as a core function. This status brings new responsibilities, and management expect communication departments to raise their game.