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We are management, communication and training firm. We specialize in consultancy, technical support, capacity building, institutional strengthening, monitoring and Impact services, studies in the areas of rural development, agriculture, water and environment, health, gender and equity, good governance, private sector development, among many others. We also offer first class services in Strategic, Development Communication, Tactical Communications Services, Production and Publishing publications, Public Relations, Development Management and Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as project management services to several clients in the Private Sector, Governments and International Development Agencies. The firm has a Strategic Development Communication and Management Centre (SDCM) that provides trainings solutions and technical support in various fields in conjunction with institutes within and outside Africa.

Digital Communication

This lesson will introduce participants to the Internet. It will provide the basics of how the Internet works and an overview of Internet hardware and software components. Top-level, country top-level, generic and sub domain names used for addressing resources on the internet will be explained. The lesson will end with an overview of legislative considerations for cyber space activities.

Political Reporting

Emphasis is placed on deadline writing, analyzing of political, and public policy news. The training also encourages participants’ to explore the use of social media to cover and explain reform campaigns and policy. Use of materials and messages from Reforms Communications Strategy shall be emphasized to add depth to spot news coverage. Political journalists should serve as watchdogs to assure honest governance and campaigns and seek to focus their coverage on issues of importance to society and not just daily “spin.”

Strategic Communication

Strategic challenges Communication is evolving from a tactical art to a business science. Organizations that understand reputation as a strategic asset are empowering communication as a core function. This status brings new responsibilities, and management expect communication departments to raise their game.